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Fake Companies



The companies listed below are known as fraudulent and fake companies. It should be noted that all documents are available in the our archive section and for more information, please contact via  Security_legitimacy@razi-refinery.com


Manager of the fake Company:  Mikhailusmanov Timchenko

Company Name: OJSC Kuibyshev Oil Refinery

Telephone number: +78462295477

Email Address: Rosneft-oil-subsidiary@bk.ru

They approached via Email as a seller


  Manager of the fake Company: Makeev Alexey

   Company Name : Treydneft LLC

  79523971196+ - 78129871196+   :Tel

 78129871196+ :Fax

  Website: www.treydneft.ru

Email:  sales@treydneft.ru

They approached as a seller


Name of the fake Company:  OTEKO-TERMINAL LLC

  Tel: 31108929144+ ,  +78612040718

  Email: rotterdamservices@oteko-terninal.ru  - storage@oteko-terminal.ru

 Address: 353535 Krasnodor Krai, TemryuKsky Area, Item wave, St. Tamansky,8

They approached as a tank farm

   Manager of the fake company: Ammar Alqaysi

 Company Name: Euro worldwide General Trading LLC

Tel : +97143922703 -  Cell: +971505872055

Address:Business Bay, The Prime Tower, Office 1701-42, Dubai, UAE

Fax: +97143922704

 Email: ammar@eurogroupuae.com

They approached via Email as a seller


Name of the fake Company : Toplivo JSC

Tel :  +35929877655

Fax: +35929885578

Address: 2 Solunska str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Website: www.toplivo.net

 Email:   toplivo@toplivo.net

VAT ID: BG 831 924 394

They approached via Email as a seller


 Manager of the fake Company: Dr. Samer Al asa'd

Company Name: Nour Commercial Company

CL: 4003097

Tel :  +963113143058

Address: Branch office in Syria: maysat sq., Sukkar building, Ground Floor, Near CBS 16th Branch

Fax: 3314120

They approached via Email as a seller


Name of the fake Company: Cleanoilsl

Registration number: 203077032

Address: Bulgaria, Polvdiv city, Bul. 6-th Septemvri 125

Office: Russia, Moskva 129128, Severqnin, d16, str . 1k7

Email: Info@cleanoilsl.com , Cleanouilsl@gmail.com

Minsk: +375(162)510760  Paris: +3363437325


Name of the fake Company:  SSGC LPG(Pvt.) Ltd

Telephone:  +922199243435

Fax: +922199243436

Email: www.ssgclpg.com

Address: SSGC GTI Building, Karachi Terminal, Opposite Safari Park, Main University Road, Gulshan-e-lqbal, Karachani-75300 Sindh, Pakistan, PABX.



Email Address: Volga-trader-serice-russia@mail.ru






     They approached via Email as a seller


logo :company name 





This company is FAKE and they change our  dacuments  and send for buyers.