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about us

Succesfully done experiences are one of the key elements to raise trust in co-workers and customers. Razi oil refinery has over 35 years of experience in the oil refining and chemical products criteria and works properly on providing and supplying the customer’s growing needs.
Razi oil refinery spends a great amount of time to choose its human resources wisely. The company’s leaders and managers believe that a commited group of workers will never waste the customers time and will always be ready to help the customer with his/her needs. Our experienced engineers and refinery workers are always trying to produce the best possible products. The Razi oil refinery’s office staff is formed by our country’s leading managers. Our sales deparment agents are always available in order to answer you questions properly and help you with additional details on the prices, shipping requirements and your expected product’s technical analysis.
We are a part of this world we live in and we respect the nature as well. Reducing the enviromental pollutions was on our agenda from the first place. Our refinery’s production line has a very safe production proccess and manufacture products with few poisonous pollutants. According to that Razi oil refinery is a nature-friendly company and makes a great contributions to raise the enviromental indicators.
Scientific researches and reaching for new world known technologies are priorities on our agenda. The technology is improving and updating itself daily and is moving toward newer discoveries and inventions. Razi oil refinery feels the necessity of following these technological trends in order to always being one of Iran’s leading oil companies.
We provide a lot of products other than our own productions such as; petroleum and petro-chemicals, industrial chemicals and chemical fertilizer products, selected minerals, ores and metals and a full range of timber and allied products. Razi oil refinery’s main office is located in Tehran but for the customer’s convenience we do have offices in the central cities of other Asian and Europian countries. Our buyers send us their requests and inquiries from all over the world and we supply them with their needs accurately.
Every international company proves its quality and authenticity with the help of their licenses.
•  ISO 9001: 2015  
•  ISO 14001: 2015
•  BS OHSAS 18001: 2007
•  ISO/TS 29001: 2010
•  IMS
For further information on our licenses visit our website’s standards page.
Why should you choose us?
•  Razi oil refinery tries to produce the purest goods with the assisstance of its newest technologies. And if we supply you with goods fro another company we definitely can assure you of its quality because of our fair and accurate judgement and analysis on their products.
•  Our products’ chemical formulas match with the international standards.
•  Our staff of managers and office directors check oil and dollar market per hour. Their hope is to give you the best and the most accurate price possible.
•  Razi oil refinery uses very high quality drums and packing instruments for the sake of the buyer’s product safety. The occurrence of problems with the packing and transportation are in the lowest point as they can get.
•  Our sales department agents are familiar with transportation ways and methods and will help you to choose a method nearest to your liking and price limits.
•  Razi oil refinery’s sales department is always ready to answer your questions and resolve any ambiguities. We can assure you of our sales department’s support.



Manager of Razi Refinery co

Mr. Mehdi Beikpour

Email: Mehdibeikpour@gmail.com